Jeff Slater

Jeff is co-founder, ideator, and acting President of MilServ ACD Corp. Jeff comes from a military family where both his parents served proudly and honorably. He ideated and co-founded MilServ ACD in their honor.

Jeff is both a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned global corporate executive. Jeff founded or co- founded Ninkatek ACB LLC (a SaaS software company for the US alcoholic beverage industry), Brewery Innovations LLC (an ideation company for the brewing industry), IS&C Technologies (the owner of Tetricsity.com), and International Strategy & Consulting Inc (a boutique global strategy consulting company).

His time as a global corporate executive included senior positions with global food and beverage companies including Diageo plc (alc-bev), Allied Domecq plc (alc-bev), PepsiCo, Royal Ahold (now Delhaize SA), and Dunkin Brands.

Jeff started his career with DataGeneral (now part of Dell Technologies) and has consulted with numerous software companies.

Jeff is focusing his social responsibility time finding ways to give back to our veteran heroes and their families, and as a board member for the 2020 commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower and the formation of Plymouth Colony (Massachusetts).

Jeff was born in the Hudson Valley of NY and lives in coastal Massachusetts with his wife and dog.

Donald Kochka

Don is a co-founder, along with his late wife Deborah, of MilServ ACD. She asked Don to get involved and he was happy to join the mission. He is thrilled to be a co-founder of a company that is so focused on giving back to veterans and their families because he is constantly looking for ways to help and support his fellow veterans.

Don comes from many generations of military men and women. He is a veteran with 36+ years with the USAF (United States Air Force) and ANG (Air National Guard) and still serves today. Don started his career as a mechanic on aircraft, but when the BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) took away the aircraft, he retrained in the Intelligence career field. Through all of this, his passion has been getting the opportunity to manage and mentor many people from all walks of life, all over the world.

Although Don works full time, as an operations manager, he prefers spending his off time with his two beautiful daughters and their dog Touk. When they are not spending time as a family, Don enjoys scuba diving, he even likes to teach the occasional scuba lesson, being a certified dive instructor himself.

Although his military career might be coming to a close, he looks forward to the new opportunities he will have to continue to make an impact in the veteran community.

David Jones

His love for entrepreneurship started as a child working for his parent’s businesses. He didn’t know it at the time, but it was where the seed for his entrepreneurial journey started to grow.

Over the last 20+ years, his life has been focused on four main pillars: family, business, the Army, and school. During this time, he has been blessed with three children, has worked with several small businesses, retired with 20 years in the Army/National Guard, and attained three business degrees (associates/bachelors/MBA).

Now that his Army career is over, he likes to (jokingly) assume that his days of calling in artillery and air strikes on targets are over too. His ideal day now is waking up early, working on the business, taking a break to do something active outside with the family, then back to working or catching a Bruins game on TV.

Over the next 20 years he plans on working in high level business growth and giving back as much as possible, especially to his veteran community.


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We are current and former military veterans and their families. Our lives and business are built on a foundation of service and devotion to a greater good.

American Craft Deliveries (ACD) MilServ has a mission to ensure every artisan beverage maker is provided frontline support for their success. We do this on the field, ensuring it’s leveled, for each craft beer, wine, and spirit to reach their ever-growing, selective target market fresh for the enjoyment of all.

We allow small and large brewers alike the ability to get their product to a market that is under served. This way they can focus on what they do best, make innovative beers for passionate beer enthusiasts.

No need to created a complicated logistics infrastructure, just place your beverage on our partner's (ACB) online market platform and let the orders start rolling in while we take care of all the deliveries.