MilServ ACD, A New Alcohol Delivery Service Owned, Operated, and Supporting Veterans

Written by david_jones
MilServ ACD, A New Alcohol Delivery Service Owned, Operated, and Supporting Veterans
Published 2 years ago

BOSTON – May 21, 2020: The US has a new B2B professional delivery service for craft beer, spirits, and wines that does well by doing good. MilServ ACD Corp is a veteran-owned and operated delivery-only service company for craft beverage makers and sellers to get their products to market. They provide the last piece of a critical supply chain that enables these smaller players to survive, compete, and thrive in today’s marketplace.  

Across the US, craft brewers, distillers, and vintners are opening and providing new and innovative tastes and products to their consumers. Unfortunately, these innovative entrepreneurs are saddled with an antiquated supply chain that is biased against these small players and makes it difficult for them to get their products to retailers and, ultimately, consumers. 

A part of this system is how the product gets delivered from the makers to the retailers. MilServ was created to fix this part of the supply chain and make it cheaper, faster, and better for these makers and the retailer community.

MilServ ACD Corp is the brainchild of Don Kochka, Jeff Slater, and Don’s late wife Deb. Deb and Don spent 8 years deployed in Saudi and knew the challenges the service person and their families faced both while deployed and at home. They also were passionate about the craft movement and how it kept military families connected to home regardless of the number of moves they experienced. 

“Deb and I were looking for a way to empower craft industry artisans and support ‘America’s Finest’ and their families while doing it” says Don. “We saw the opportunity to combine those passions into a veteran-owned, veteran-employing, and veteran-supporting business.

The opportunity to start the business presented itself when their close friend Jeff Slater, CEO and Co-founder of Ninkatek ACB LLC, a software start-up disrupting the US alcohol industry confirmed there is a big need from self-distributing makers and smaller distributors for a professional, affordable, and dependable delivery supply chain to get craft products to market. 

MilServ utilizes Ninkatek’s software platforms for compliant, electronic deliveries that include things makers want like keg tracking, real-time order status, and vendor IDs for selling to retail chains.

“With a supply chain technology backbone custom-made for what we wanted to do, starting the business to help great artisan products get to market more efficiently while providing jobs and support to our brothers and sisters was just too good to pass up,” Don added.

MilServ is starting its rollout in June in a few key markets across the US and interest is high among the veteran community. In the coming months, MilServ plans to reach out and partner with local veterans to build local businesses and expand to every corner of the United States.

About MilServ ACD Corp

MilServ ACD Corp. is a veteran-owned, veteran-employing, and veteran-supporting supply chain and logistics company specializing in delivering craft alcohol products to retailers, distributors, and where permitted, to consumers. 

The company relies on technology for managing orders, logistics and deliveries to provide customers with a lower cost alternative to traditional approaches to distribution.  

Milserv’s dual mission of helping small brewers, distillers, and vintners get their products to market more efficiently while creating jobs, business opportunities, and providing support to veterans and their families is unique.   More than just talk, MilServ is a “Benefit Corp.” with a self-selected fiduciary responsibility to give back to veterans and their families as part of its core business.  

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